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Annie Heyes



At The Reading Room, Bolton Abbey


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

If you are choosing me as your CBT counsellor you are opting for private, self-funded, therapy. There is no requirement with me to ‘sign-up’ for a number of sessions and because I have a wide range of therapeutic experience you will most definitely get more than just CBT text-book style.

The core message of CBT is:

  • It’s not the thing
  • It’s your thinking about the thing.
  • And your thinking can be changed.


A bad thing happened. Or, a bad thing could happen – and bad things mustn’t happen. So we build up behaviours around this fear. Such behaviours tend to be about avoidance or over-protection – and they are tiring. We all do them: have another drink, work even harder, keep everything tidy and so on. Then we get to overwhelm and the small things feel too big. And round and round we go missing out on fun, not really living. CBT can free you of this.

I like to see change and improvement, breakthrough moments. Using CBT I will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself; how and why you see and feel things the way you do. You will gain coping strategies and new perspectives.