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The Cora Code

for a peaceful relationship with yourself, others and life

Care don’t control
Observe don’t absorb
Respond don’t react
Accept don’t correct
(and laugh whenever you can)

The Cora Code is a simple approach to finding some calm and clarity.

Hold it lightly.
Try it out every now and then.

I’m glad you have found the Cora Code.

It doesn’t require much ‘doing’.

It’s simply a gentle guide helping you to access that one warm desire: inner peace.

Cora helps a feeling of calm emerge.

From calm we can gain clarity. A quiet perspective can arise.

Then we can see things are they really are – not what we have grown them into being.

After  practising the Cora Code for a while  stepping into peace becomes easier and more natural.

And the slippages – you know –  when we’re back into rushing and fretting – well, they happen less, don’t last as long and certainly start to seem more amusing than disasterous.

If you would like a personal Cora Code session with me do get in touch.

m: 0770 435 0577

If you want a copy of the Cora Code please send a stamped addressed envelope to:

Annie Heyes
The Reading Room
The Old Rectory
Bolton Abbey
BD23 6AL
North Yorkshire.

Old fashioned I know – but so simple. I will not  retain your details.